Add strength with CABL™

CABL™ is a world-first, compact home gym enabling 100's of exercise combinations on demand.

Designed for full-body resistance training, CABL™ includes everything you need to transform your fitness. 

The easy-install, sleek aluminium wall track integrates seamlessly into the home, apartment or studio.

Patented resistance delivers a noiseless, constant-force for fast and effective workouts.

Innovation meets quality in this ‘Gold Award’ winning product...

CABL™ is ready for exercise when you are!


  • 6 Weight Settings ranging 3kg-16kg (6.5lb-35lb)

  • 9 Height Positions across 1.5m (5ft)

  • Cable Extension of 1.4m (4.6ft)

  • 170° Rotating Swivel Exit Pulleys

  • Auto-lock Height Lever

  • Patented gas-strut resistance system

  • Patented quick-turn weight selector








  7. INSTALL PACK - Screws and Drill Bit

  8. QR SCAN CARD - Access all Workouts and Exercises

Product Information:

Product Weight:  3.4kg (7.5lbs)

Wall Track Weight:  2kg (4.5lbs)

Warranty:  12mths

6 weight selections ranging 3kg-16kg


CABL's patented design of hydraulic gas struts and adjustable weight selector delivers linear resistance throughout every repetition.

This resistance is 'constant', with no mechanical or inertial advantage. This engages and stimulates the entire muscle for improved results and a greater workout challenge.

To increase workout loads, slowly release a repetition for eccentric resistance. This keeps the muscle under tension for longer


Wall Track.png

9 height positions across 1.5m (4.9ft)

The polished aluminum Wall Track offers 9 height positions across 1.5m(4.9ft). The Wall Track is low-profile, easy to install indoors or outdoors, and ensures the CABL unit is ready to work out when you are.

*NOTE: The Wall Track has been designed to withstand most weather conditions, however, the CABL unit should NEVER be left outside. Its simple slide on/off design makes it simple to put on or take off when ready to use.



Auto-lock height placement

Pull the height lever to simply move the CABL unit up or down into position. The lever features a stainless-steel pin with an auto-lock function. This pin automatically engages the chosen height selection and locks the CABL unit into position.

To remove the CABL unit simply pull the height lever and slide the unit up and off the top of the Wall Track.



Easy-turn weight adjustment

Adjust the resistance level by simply turning the selector dial from selections 1 to 6. This will lock the chosen weight into place. No more messy weights, pins and dumbbells to deal with resulting in a faster, more efficient workout.



170° swivel exit guide

The exit guide swivels 170° to reduce friction during exercises, enabling functional and natural movement patterns. Combined with two exit pulleys this allows full cable extension in all directions.



Dampened return release

Cable training is low impact, versatile, and places little stress on the joints.

The CABL unit includes a safety dampening feature designed into the hydraulic gas struts, to slow the return in the event of accidental release. A rubber stopper at the end of the cord assists in reducing impact also.

Do NOT release the handle from the full extension as this could cause damage to the user, product, and environment.



1.4m (4.6ft) of stroke extension

1.4m (4.6ft) of cable is housed internally. The cable length has been anthropometrically tested to deliver a full range of all exercises and cater to all user heights.



3 attachments Handle + Rope + Ankle Strap



Easily removable from the wall track



Training Videos
Every Muscle. 100's of Exercise Combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weights available?

The CABL Cable Trainer has a weight range of 3kgs to 16kgs but this is not directly comparable to standard weights as the CABL Cable Trainer technology delivers weight as Constant Force. With the CABL Cable Trainer, you are actually working much harder each rep than with normal weight machines or free weights, which maximizes toning, sculpting, and strengthening your body.

Where should I install the CABL Cable Trainer?

The wall track needs a flat surface to install, on either a structural wall or stud. The CABL Cable Trainer is primarily an indoor unit, so think indoors in a spare room, office, living room, or a garage/basement. You can install the track outside as long as you don't leave the unit exposed to weather so an outside location under cover would be ideal.

Is installing the Wall Track difficult?

The wall track comes with detailed installation instructions to guide this process. If you're not confident, we suggest using a professional or someone with a good skill level.

Can I leave the CABL Cable Trainer on the wall track between exercises?

Yes, there are no mechanical or quality issues from leaving the CABL Cable Trainer on the wall Track. In fact, we think that it increases the chance of you exercising more often! We do however encourage people with children to ensure that the CABL Cable Trainer is not accessible which includes judgment around either completely storing the unit or leaving it at the top of the wall track at end of use. You should not leave the unit in the reversed (upside down) position for extended periods.

Is the CABL Cable Trainer for everyone?

Yes! The CABL Cable Trainer is an extremely versatile strength product that will provide a benefit to your strength and tone ambitions. Men and women can both achieve a full-body workout by using a range of the exercises we've designed for use with the unit.

Will the wall track damage my wall? Can I remove it?

The CABL Cable Trainer unit and wall track if used properly will not damage your wall. The installation of the wall track will require drilling small screw holes in the plaster or wall surface but this will not damage the wall and can be filled and painted like any screw hole on a wall. The wall track can be removed at any time by removing the screws.