There are 3 simple tips to maintain your treadmill at home to keep it in good condition and extend its life.

Running Belt Surface Cleaning

If you find that there are dust and sweat on your running belt, just follow these simple steps to clean it easily.

Step 1 - Shut down and disconnect the power supply of the equipment.

Step 2 - Use a damp cloth or wet wipe. Do not spray detergent directly on the running belt or use acidic and corrosive detergent.

Step 3 - Wipe off the dust and dirt on the main frame and motor cover, and clean the running belt platform. Do not wipe under the running belt.

Step 4 - After workout for a period of time, dust and smdges may appear on the tail ground, which is normal. Wipe them off.

Lubricating the treadmill

Lubricating the treadmill has never been so easy, ONEFit miniwalker equipped with an easy lubrication system, follow these few steps to finish lubrication.

Step 1 - Turn off the treadmill

Step 2 - Open the orange refilling cap

Step 3 - Insert the lubricant into the refilling nozzle


Video tutorial

Center the running belt

The treadmill belt sometimes has to be realigned after some use due to the uneven foot weights on the deck. Follow these few steps to center the running belt.

Slightly shift

Step 1 - Turn on the treadmill

Step 2 - Set the speed to 3-4Km/h

Step 3 - Let the treadmill run for 1 to 2 mins

Shift obviously

Step 1 - Turn on the treadmill

Step 2 - Set the speed to 3-4Km/h

Step 3 - Use the Allen wrench to control the bolt of the left end of the treadmill

Step 4 - Turn the bolt clockwise if the belt has aligned to the left, vice versa.

Step 5 - Turn the bolt little by little so that you can adjust the belt with small movements.

Video tutorial