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Chairbike Pro

Chairbike Pro

The Chairbike Pro complements the contemporary home or work environment with limited space. Chairbike Pro allows you to switch between sitting or riding positions by adjusting the death to move up or down, back or forth. The backrest inclination and spine support can also be adjusted to fit the curve of your back, making you achieve a balanced, relaxed posture and allowing you to enjoy it for a long time while getting all the benefits of a professional exercise bike.



Headrest - Adjust the height and angle of the headrest

Backrest - Tilt0-12 degrees, to meet the needs of different sitting postures

Armrest - The Armrest can be raised or rotated horizontally, making your arm more comfortable and free

Spine Support - Adjust the spine support frame to make your spine more relaxed

Seat Cushion - Cushion makes your ride more comfortable and can be slid back - and - forth

Flexible height adjustment

Multiple metrics tracker

Stepless adjustable resistance

Space-saving folding pedals

Pressure Lock Castors

  • Model No. : OFCbike02

    Resistance System: Magnetron resistance system

    Resistance Level: 1-8

    Display Parameters: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Rotating Speed

    Height Limit: 155-190cm

    Seat Adjustable Height: 530-758mm

    Max. Load Capacity: 100kg

    Net Weight: 31.2 kg

    Gross Weight: 37.2kg

    Product Dimension: (36-38.4)" x 25.6" x (45.7-57.3)" / (915-975) X 650 X (1162-1455)mm

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